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Mayfield’s guilt or innocence still subject of much debate

By admin | February 8, 2011

By Richard Allen

In May of 2009 NASCAR announced that driver Jeremy Mayfield had failed a drug test and was thus suspended by the sanctioning body. The driver was accused of using methamphetamines but he has adamantly denied using those drugs. Since that time, the debate over the driver’s guilt or innocence has been heated and divisive.

As much as any situation in recent NASCAR history, this one issue has caused fans and media members to take sides and spin the stories in ways to back their claims. Last week, Mayfield appeared on the Speed Network show Race Hub, which rekindled many of the flames in the debate.

Among those who are convinced that Mayfield is innocent, there have been a number of conspiracy theories to support their arguments.

There are many out there who believe NASCAR needed to prove its drug policy had teeth and thus had to catch somebody. And more, these theorists would argue that Mayfield was enough of a star, having won five Sprint Cup races in the past, to show the policy was truly in effect for everyone. But more, according to those who subscribe to this theory, Mayfield was not attached to one of the sport’s power teams which meant his suspension would not offend any major players.

Also, there has been unsubstantiated talk by conspiracy believers that other bigger name drivers were involved in inappropriate activities and NASCAR was trying to get their attention by suspending someone else.

And perhaps the most commonly used theory was that Mayfield had provided a false positive due to his use of a combination of the prescription ADHD drug Adderall and the over-the-counter allergy medication Claritin-D. At the time, Claritin was a sponsor in the sport and the belief was that the sanctioning body went ahead with Mayfield’s suspension to avoid one of its backers receiving bad publicity.

According to Mayfield’s backers there are plenty of reasons to think he is innocent of the charges against him and they are hoping for his eventual vindication in court.

At the same time there are those who support Mayfield, there are seemingly an equal number on website comment pages, message boards and social networking sites who believe the driver is guilty as charged.

For these people, all the evidence needed is that Mayfield failed not one, but two, drug tests. Added to that argument is the fact that the drug testing was performed by an independent laboratory with no reason to purposely falsify a test according to those who support his suspension.

Some of Mayfield’s detractors have speculated that he is carrying out a legal battle in hopes of winning enough people to his side that he will eventual receive a settlement from NASCAR.

All of these scenarios are nothing more than speculation but it is very interesting to see how people have taken sides on this issue and how strongly they are holding to those sides. Oddly, I have noticed that some people who are often anti-NASCAR in their other comments on this site seem to side with NASCAR and against Mayfield in this case. And, the opposite is also true. I have received comments over the past couple of years from fans who often side with NASCAR on other issues but are for Mayfield in this case.

No matter how it eventually turns out, the case of Jeremy Mayfield has been one of the most polarizing situations in recent NASCAR history and it promises to remain that way for some time.

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9 Responses to “Mayfield’s guilt or innocence still subject of much debate”

  1. Richard Allen Says:
    February 8th, 2011 at 4:31 pm

    After the posting of this piece the Mayfield saga took yet another turn. In a public apology he retracted previous statements in which he accused his step-mother, Lisa Mayfield, of murdering his father.

  2. Richard Allen Says:
    February 8th, 2011 at 5:19 pm

    Here is the full written statement issued by Mayfield as part of the settlement of a suit between he and his step-mother:

    “I have previously made statements to the press in which I accused Lisa Mayfield of either murdering my father, Terry Mayfield, or being involved in a conspiracy to murder him.”

    “Those statements were made in the heat of my emotional state at the time. I now retract those statements and apologize to Lisa for having made them.”

  3. gene Says:
    February 8th, 2011 at 5:43 pm

    Any doubt that his legal advisors made him apologize publicly to the step-mother?

    I’m on Mayfield’s side on the drug rap….. because BZF is on the other side!

  4. Dan Jenkins Says:
    February 9th, 2011 at 11:06 am

    It’s always curious to see these stories, which are always followed by postings on some evil doing by Brian France. This leads me to believe that the accused closely follows blogings and tries to get in their “PR flack” while the iron is hot. All is subterfuge about France is just a smoke screen. France can most of the time frig up a race series, may not be a good husband, and may be arrogant but what does that have to do with two, not one but 2, failed drug tests? All this stuff the guy did since; wow! How many unpaid bills, lies, misdirects, and mockery are out there, littered around like a blown tire? The news media and people that took up this cause just because they don’t like Brian France will in the end no doubt have egg on their face. This isn’t a cause you want to take up.

    I just gotta ask people, what right do you have to be against Brian France on this issue just because he is unlikeable in a public sense? This has nothing to do whatsoever with Brian France. It has EVERYTHING to do about two failed drug tests. Yet, in the face of that, it’s always about what someone else did–someone else’s fault:

    1. Brian’s fault
    2. Stepmother’s fault (oops maybe not)
    3. Crew chief’s fault
    4. NASCAR’s fault
    5. Evernham’s fault
    6. Erin’s fault
    7. faulty directions
    8. faulty test
    9. fautly testers
    10. IRS’ fault
    11. NC DoR’s fault
    12. chassis faulty
    13. Rusty’s fault
    14. Brother-inlaw’s fault
    15. Crew’s fault
    16. Contractor’s fault
    17. Lawyers’ (previous; and unpaid) fault
    18. Faulty bills (aka unpaid for work done)
    19. faulty car
    20. faulty pit crew

    And that’s only a start. And hey this ain’t my list folks–just a compilation of who he has said in public over the years is at fault. The Internet these days can underscore one’s propensity to be intellectually dishonest.

    February 9th, 2011 at 12:13 pm

    Jeremy was picked out by nascrap to be the drug policy’s poster boy. Why?Because nascrap needed a poster boy to show their force and that they ment business…. Jeremy had just started his team up, was struggling. Jeremy had won races, and has his fan base.Because of a seperation from a so called best friend, Jeremy got all the trash talk, and the so called best friend got the limelite.Jeremy went a few years with some not so good rides, than to his own team.Why Jeremy hadn’t told nascrap about his ADHD and perscription, I don’t know, probably because he was busy getting his car ready to race, which is still Jeremy’s dream.Yes,Jeremy has allergies to the weather, other people made posts that the Richmond weather bothered them, and being busy on his car, Jeremy just didn’t get to tell nascrap about it, use of Claritian to make him feel better..

    Jeremy has lost a lot from all of this drug policy poster boy farce.nascrap has used this long enough, let Jeremy go…You have ruined his name, taken away the joy from racing, but Jeremy says he will race other places.You have proved your point that nobody should piss you off, and they see that they would end up like Jeremy.disgraced,no career. Yes, there are people that believe the lies they say…well it is their right, but the Jeremy that I have known and met him many times, isnot this druggie that you all think he is. Jeremy may have faults, but doing drugs is NOT one of them. Jeremy is a funny, happy, dedicated man, happy married and loves his wife and home and animals.The fans that stick by Jeremy do because we want to, and know that the drug farce is not true. Jeremy sees that the nascrap big boys have more powerful money and lawyers to make things go their way.Jeremy and his fans hope that this will end real soon. Maybe if nascrap appoligized, they would be thought of as nascar again…in peoples minds. Maybe just maybe they will listen and do the right thing.

    Jeremy is innocent, and is a terrific driver,his lifelong dream is to race, not do drugs.Jeremy took care of his equipment, won some, lost some. I will always be a fan of Jeremy Mayfield.

    Just one more thing….How would any of you feel if YOUR driver had been accused of using drugs? when you know that he didn’t…remember it can happen. for your driver to be accused at the whim….

    I hope that Jeremy and Shana can be free of this drug farce real soon…I think the world of them, and pray that this nitemare will be over real soon.

  6. Dan Jenkins Says:
    February 9th, 2011 at 2:05 pm

    Hi Hilda! (wink wink yuk yuk yuk. I know yall have a lot of time on your hands). I recognize that “nascrap” writing from anywhere. “You” always go up after one of the stories–in one form or another.

    Same ole same ole. Ole bad Brian France is the cause of his problems. Big bad NASCAR. They can’t run a race series worth a dam but they can get screwing ole Jeremy jus right! It all fits by gawd! Yes it does! The kingpins at “nascrap” jus pull dose strings from their ivory palaces in Daytona Beach and make all the jesters jump in unison! It’s a conspiracy I say! The men from the Adjustment Bureau are here! They are here! Russians are secretly placing thoughts in my head via microwave (when I worked as a staffer on Capitol Hill years ago, I did see a letter just like that–so there it does exist!).

    By the way, I forgot to say in my earlier posts that I disagree from your statement “still subject of much debate.” No, it ain’t. Most people with brains know this story, they know the beginning and the end. It’s only fools like me and “Hilda” who are arguing “the fine points” of this absurd and sad story. Most everyone else has moved on, knows this one needs to be filed in File 13, with the rest of the other great major farce’s of our time. Yes I will include me as an idiot who is debating this still. Cause this story is DEAD. I am a dummy for engaging “Hilda” aka hmmm, whom might that be? But at least this dummy is right.

  7. Brenda Says:
    February 9th, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    I’ll always support Jeremy - no matter what. I wore my GET THE ASS OUT OF N__CAR - BLACK FLAG BZF shirt proudly - just yesterday - over in Daytona!

    No matter what happens with Jeremy - France has ruined the sport. Oh, sorry - racing entertainment - gotta get that right…….

  8. Chris Lowe Says:
    February 9th, 2011 at 11:34 pm

    Honesteley I used to be a big Jermey Mayfield fan but i think he did legmilty fail that test. If you read any certfied doctors commenets it is 99% unlikely that the drugs he was taking made him fail that test and besides Jermey Mayfield has never been that big of a driver so really is NASCAR provin anything by suspending him no, Denieal is just not a river in Egypt.

  9. Gordon82Wins Says:
    February 10th, 2011 at 8:34 am

    As someone who has had to take pee tests to qualify for jobs, I remember thinking that if I failed it for whatever reason (and back in those days it was possible that I could fail one), I was going to have to admit it and my mother would probably find out about it.

    I am 100% convinced that this is why some well-known athletes scream from the rooftops when they fail a drug test. Then they eventually quiet down. There is no doubt in my mind Roger Clemens is guilty. He was getting lit up early one year in Houston, and then he suddenly found the dominance of his younger days. Yeah, I’m sure that was the pitching coach working on his mechanics.

    I don’t absolutely know for sure, but judging from what I’ve read, the only evidence that NASCAR rigged Jeremy’s drug tests is Jeremy’s screaming denials. NASCAR has everything to lose and nothing to gain by destroying Mayfield. And the story of Jeremy stalling before his second test, if true, is especially damning to his case. Granted, this series is run by Brian France, who I am definitely not a fan of, but I still don’t see any motive there.

    I expect this will be resolved in some way where Jeremy continues to maintain his innocence. Because it’s embarrassing more than anything else.