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How can Trevor Bayne’s car be unsponsored…at Bristol?

By admin | March 18, 2011

By Richard Allen


Trevor Bayne is young, nice looking, personable and a local hero when he races at Bristol. And. oh yeah, he won the Daytona 500 earlier this year. So, why in the world is he driving a plain, white car in the Nationwide Series race on the track no more than two hours away from his boyhood home?

Every year, I take my sons to the Bristol Motor Speedway for Ford Fan Friday. It has become an annual bonding session for the Allen men. This year as we watched the Nationwide cars prepare for the Scott’s EZ Seed 300 we couldn’t help but notice that the car being most closely watched by the fans in the stands had nothing to advertise on its quarter panels.

Bayne’s #16 Roush Fenway Racing Ford offered a clean slate that should have been taken advantage of by some company, particularly a Tennessee based company. All anyone needed to do to confirm the 20 year old Knoxville native’s popularity in his home area was to have gone to Food City Race Night on Thursday night. The event, which has lagged in recent years due to the lack of big name drivers, pulled in a huge crowd at the Knoxville Expo Center with that bulk of that audience standing in line for a glimpse of their local hero.

Had some business based in the Volunteer State seized the opportunity to sponsor Bayne in Saturday’s race they could have benefited greatly from the driver’s ever growing following.

And more, one of these companies could have benefited from the fact that Bayne has become somewhat of a media darling since Daytona. According to a story published on by Jeff Gluck, Bayne is 6th in the number of mentions by Fox broadcasters so far this season. That information came from a study by Joyce Julius and Associates.

Not being privy to all information needed, there is one thing I must mention as at least a possibility as to why Bayne is unsponsored in the Nationwide Series for this race. Perhaps Roush Fenway Racing has priced themselves out of the market. Maybe the asking price is simply too high to justify the expense. However, it would seem as though they would be willing to listen to any reasonable offer. The #16 car has had race by race sponsors in 2011.

Unfortunately, when Trevor Bayne fires his plain white Ford to life on Saturday in Bristol it will look the way it does because someone somewhere dropped the ball. One of my business owning east Tennessee neighbors had a golden opportunity and missed it. I know that if had the money I would have taken advantage.

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3 Responses to “How can Trevor Bayne’s car be unsponsored…at Bristol?”

  1. Charles Says:
    March 19th, 2011 at 6:42 am


    I think the main problem is Bayne was a suprise winner and nobody seen that coming and that element at the start of the season when most sponsors have already done their adverstising budgets came to play!

    But I think they could still be “playing the market” to get most bang for the buck!

    Last year it come out that Ford Racing tryed to get Ganniss Racing and offered them more that Chevy, but Chip said if money was the issue he would have went with Ford! But Chevy was going to do a Indy Car program and that made the difference! It was report
    Ford offered 2 million more than Chevy if he switched!

    If Ford Racing is smart, they need to give some more incentive money to the Wood Bros and Bayne and let him run more races not less!!!!This is a team thats wants to run the full schedule anyway! Ford has needed a star driver and let Jeff Gordon and Kasey Kahne get away, they cant afford to let Bayne get away!

  2. Russ Edwards Says:
    March 19th, 2011 at 8:01 am

    I think Rich nailed it with the comment about Roush pricing themselves out of the market, at least for regional sponsors. Sponsors have no obligation to pay just to put money in Roush’s pocket. And I’m sure the clean quarter panels wont hurt him when his next tax return is filed. Nice little business loss there you know.

    As to the comment by Charles about if Ford were smart… If they were smart they would use their leverage to try and expedite a move to cars that are more relevant to what they actually sell. In the long run it would be much more beneficial to all concerned.

  3. dowzier28 Says:
    March 19th, 2011 at 8:32 am

    Thanks Mr. Allen for such a great FYI on our great new son of Nascar. If Trevorbania ends up at RFR full time with a cup ride it would be sad for the Wood Brothers but if he gets away from Ford it could be the worst thing since losing Jeff Gordon.
    I watched a replay of the first race with the COT at Bristol & I heard ole DW mention that the COT will eventually make it more cost controllable for all the teams but in actuality it’s been the very opposite. If the Daytona 500 winner can’t get a sponsor than something is very wrong here. Obviously as said, either the asking price is to high or they are holding out on the bigger pay day. Which I doubt from the Wood Bro. stand they would turn any deal down.
    Think about the Junior Johnson & Allan ” Quickie” #7, Allen thought Jr had sponsor Maxwell House but they were leaning toward Johnson’s team so Junoir tried to get Allan but he turned him down. When the season started Allan had no sponsor & almost lost his career. Please don’t let this happen to Trevor, he is a good kid who just loves to race.