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Kurt Busch hardly in a good mood returning to scene of infamous blowup

By admin | March 30, 2011

By Richard Allen


In the spring Martinsville race of 2009 Kurt Busch issued some of the most talked about radio chatter in recent NASCAR history. In that tirade, Busch scolded car owner Roger Penske over his car’s lack of competitiveness and his crew’s seeming inability to do anything about it.

Penske, a successful businessman known for his ability to see the big picture, tried to convince Busch to calm himself and make the most of the day at hand.

In the most intense portion of the conversation Busch declared, “It’s the most frustrating thing in world to think that you think that we’re better than what we are.”

Very much out of character for Penske, he seemed to display a bit of anger in his voice when he said, “If you didn’t blow yourself up we’d be a lot better,” radioed the owner. “You made a change, it didn’t work. All we hear is bunch of stuff on the radio. Let’s get serious here. OK? You understand?”

And in the well documented response Busch shot back, “Oh, 10-4, dude. 10-4.” The reference to the man often known as ‘The Captain’ as ‘Dude’ was very much talked about for days to come.

This weekend Busch and his Penske Racing team will return to the scene of that infamous blowup with the stage seemingly set for another such incident. Over the last couple of races or so, Busch has clearly been unhappy with his car’s performance and his crew’s inability to do anything about it. In Fontana he often complained that the Penske engineering department was not listening to his input, and in turn, they were not producing cars capable of racing for wins.

In one exchange he vowed, “I’m shutting the radio off. Just wave at me when you want me to pit.” He remained quiet for some time thereafter.

In another stinging jab he asked his spotter, “Who drives the 09 car because we seem to be racing him a lot?”

After the same type of radio chatter in Bristol he supposedly emerged from his car hurling obscenities in all directions before disappearing into the team hauler.

Whether Kurt Busch will have another often quoted tirade this weekend in Martinsville is unknown. However, the history is there for such a blowup. And recent races have shown that he has not changed his radio habits since 2009.

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7 Responses to “Kurt Busch hardly in a good mood returning to scene of infamous blowup”

  1. John Ingersol Says:
    March 31st, 2011 at 8:15 am

    Eventually the Busch brothers will mad-fit their way out of racing.

  2. JCalz Says:
    March 31st, 2011 at 10:31 am

    People might not like Kurt’s way of handling situations, but you can’t deny this guys passion for wanting to win. He is squeezing everything out of a mediocre, Penske organization and still remains competitive most of the time. Can you imagine what he could do in Junior’s ride???

  3. Dennis Says:
    March 31st, 2011 at 11:19 am

    I agree with JCalz. Love him or hate him; Kurt Busch can drive. I never did understand why he thought moving from Roush to Penkse, given the way Penkse cars were performing at the time, was a good idea. He left a better team just to drive the “Blue Deuce”.

  4. Justin Says:
    March 31st, 2011 at 11:55 am

    I think the answer to your question JCalz, is that we saw what Kurt Busch can do in a car similar to Jr’s. He blew up on the radio to anyone that could hear him. If you are trying to insinuate that Jr’s cars (from 08-10) are better than the Penske cars, you are crazy, lol. There is always someone trying to take a shot at Jr at every turn. Story about Kurt Busch, leave a comment taking a shot at Jr. Story about the price of tea in China, leave a comment taking a shot at Jr.

    The people that hate Jr are far louder than those that love him, and the obsession for a guy that you dont like is odd to say the least. If you want to leave a negative comment on a Jr story, by all means, this is a free country, but taking a shot when the story has nothing to do with him is ridiculous

  5. JCalz Says:
    April 1st, 2011 at 6:32 am

    No hate here Justin, just drawing a comparison. I could have easily picked a Gibbs car, or another one one of the Hendrick cars. The reason I picked Junior is because he is the most noteable driver, you can’t deny that. Whether you think it is fair or not, because of his stature in the sport, folks and media are going to use him as a measure.

    I would take issue however; if you are implying that Kurt’s equipment is better than what Junior has been given, I think most would agree with me on that…

  6. jkr0124 Says:
    April 1st, 2011 at 8:27 pm

    Hendrick cars may not be as good as you think….None of them are running very well right now and there are 2 pretty talented drivers that are running behind Jr in the standings….So maybe you should think about things in a little more detail before making remarks that make you look so silly.

  7. Justin Says:
    April 3rd, 2011 at 6:49 pm

    I am absolutely implying that Kurt has had better equipment than Jr. Look at this year as an example of why I feel that way. From 2008-2010, Jr was the worst performing driver at HMS, hands down. Driving for CC’s that couldnt seem to make the car better. Now, this season, Jr is driving Jeff Gordon’s cars, and he is having a great year. Did he all of a sudden find talent in his stocking for Christmas? Of course not, he isnt any more or less talented than he was the last 3 years. The only difference is the car that is underneath him every week.
    Seems pretty clear that Jr can drive, when he has a car that handles, and a CC that can understand what he is asking for. I’m not trying to take a shot at Kurt Busch, he has as much talent as anyone (I personally think he and his brother are both first class d_ck heads, lol, but I wont deny their talent). It just always makes me chuckle at the things people use against NASCAR’s most popular driver. If he wins, its simply because “NASCAR set it up for him to win”. If he has a bad year everyone says “he cant drive because he has the best equipment”. This proves he was running in the worst equipment in the Hendrick stable. Sadly Mark Martin is saddled with that junk now. I admit HMS’ worst equipment is better than alot of other teams, but you get the idea….