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Kyle Busch has been rough on family and teammates in All Star Challenge

By admin | May 20, 2011

By Richard Allen

The Sprint All Star Challenge typically produces at least one moment of high drama each year. Unfortunately for the family and friends of Kyle Busch, they have been cast into a couple of those moments through the years.

Perhaps one of the most memorable happenings of that race occurred in 2007 when brothers Kurt and Kyle Busch appeared to be serious contenders to win the highly lucrative first prize. But a late race collision prevented the trophy from being taken to their Las Vegas hometown.

And don’t think that because the two feisty drivers are brothers that they would go easy on each other in the aftermath of such a costly crash.

Kyle, who drove for Hendrick Motorsports at the time, made one of his now well-known and infamous in-car radio comments when he threatened to “kick his butt.” And in true Kyle Busch fashion, he quickly made his way to the track exit and added no more commentary. Kurt, however, did comment.

“I was waiting for the day when we got together and we did it when we were racing for a million bucks,” Kurt said. “You know, the tough part is I wrecked real close to the end.

“That was a bummer, to have my little brother pull that move on me. Maybe I should have given an inch instead of taken an inch from him, but hey, that’s what the All-Star race is all about. I just hate that I’ve got a wrecked racecar and so does he.”

But brother Kurt is not the only one to have high profile ‘family feud’ with Kyle Busch at the Charlotte Motor Speedway exhibition event.

In the 2010 version of the race, the younger Busch was about to make a move for the lead when Joe Gibbs Racing teammate Denny Hamlin moved up the track and pinned Busch against the outside wall.

After the incident Busch delivered another of his radio threats. “Somebody better keep me away from Denny Hamlin,” he shouted in what has become a well publicized promotion for this year’s race. “I swear to God, I am going to kill him. All his fault. I had this race won! It was won!”

Busch drove his car to Hamlin’s hauler where he waited until the race was over. Joe Gibbs was even compelled to attend the ‘meeting’ between his two drivers. Ironically, the Busch-Hamlin wreck allowed Kurt Busch to claim victory in segmented race.

What history should have taught anyone who is in any way ‘related’ to Kyle Busch is that keeping distance from him during the Sprint All Star Challenge is a good idea. Although the problem with that is Busch is typically near the front of the pack which means that to have any chance of winning these drivers and others will have to be close to him at some point.

I will be doing live updates from the Southern All Stars dirt late model race from the Cleveland(TN) Speedway Saturday night on

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One Response to “Kyle Busch has been rough on family and teammates in All Star Challenge”

  1. Earner Says:
    May 20th, 2011 at 1:59 pm

    All I can say is when it comes to shrubber “Take him out Early & Often”….As usual he’s the only one on the track that matters….in his mind