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Could Carl Edwards and Kyle Busch really co-exist at JGR?

By admin | July 27, 2011

By Richard Allen


Rumors have flown through the NASCAR garage area and beyond that Carl Edwards is at least considering a move from his current Roush Fenway Racing team to the Joe Gibbs Racing organization. If that should come to fruition, JGR would have one of the most formidable driver lineups in NASCAR with perhaps only that of Hendrick Motorsports to rival them.

But one thing that will be fun to consider should Edwards head to the Toyota camp is whether he and then teammate Kyle Busch could co-exist under the same corporate umbrella. These are two rather large personalities that are not shy about creating and/or seeking heated rivalry and controversy.

Consider that even though JGR driver Denny Hamlin is someone who can be more than a little temperamental, he is still overshadowed by Busch on the Gibbs team. Both fans and fellow competitors are much more in tune to what Busch is doing than either Hamlin or the much less prolific Joey Logano.

Busch has never shied from controversy. He has had well publicized run-ins with just about every major player in the sport at one time or another. Dale Earnhardt, Jr and his ‘Junior Nation’ have felt the sting of Busch’s jabs as well as Brad Keselowski, his own brother and his own teammates. And, he was involved in a very much talked about dust up earlier this season with legendary team owner Richard Childress.

Perhaps most importantly for this conversation, Busch once had a little post race bumping match with Edwards a few years back in Bristol. And, the two have exchanged some verbal barbs from time to time throughout their careers.

If Edwards were to set up his tent in the JGR camp, the fact that Busch receives the most attention there would change immediately. From his post-race back flips to his physical confrontations and on-track bumping matches with other drivers, Edwards is someone who commands attention.

There would seemingly be no way these two would not butt heads being so closely aligned.

Edwards current teammates at RFR seem to be the type individuals who have no problem letting their more high strung fellow competitor garner the notices from the media and fans. That won’t be the case at JGR, even for the ‘New’ Kyle Busch.

Granted, there have been, and are, teams with drivers who do not get along all that well. This could have been seen as far back as the Darrell Waltrip and Neil Bonnett pairing of the 1980s under Junior Johnson’s banner. And as already mentioned, Busch has had dust ups with Denny Hamlin before, most notably during and after the 2010 Sprint All Star Race in Charlotte.

At least Busch wouldn’t have to go far to stir up trouble. There will be the potential for plenty of it in his own garage between he and his teammates.

Teammates who don’t get along can still be successful. However, these two very dynamic and attention seeking personalities possibly being put together on one team. It may well give owners Joe and J.D. Gibbs plenty of stomach pains if this occurs. Perhaps some ulcer medication would be well served to sponsor one or both of these guys should Edwards actually make the rumored move.

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8 Responses to “Could Carl Edwards and Kyle Busch really co-exist at JGR?”

  1. Sue Rarick Says:
    July 28th, 2011 at 5:37 am

    On the flip side of the coin, Mantel and Maris pushed each other to perform better. The linebacking corp of the 1986 NY Giants pushed each other to better and better performances. Ruth and Gerich (sic) played off each other to improve each others performances.

    Imagine if Edwards and Busch pushed each other to even better performances and Carl topped 9 wins and Kyle’s 8 wins. JGR could totally dominate a season when you add in Hamlin who wouldn’t just be sitting on the sidelines.

  2. zhills fan Says:
    July 28th, 2011 at 6:17 am

    Don’t worry it ain’t gonna happen. The worry Gibbs has is what to do about Logano. I hope he pans out for them as I feel like he still is a good driver, and maybe even a championship type driver. Only time will tell I guess. What Logano needs to do is ignore his dad and be his own man.

  3. Ken Says:
    July 28th, 2011 at 7:34 am

    Rich, there is no way Edwards and Busch would get along! For what it’s worth right now, and not taking anything away from Matt Kenseth, a previous series Champion, or Greg Biffle, Edwards is the number 1 driver at Roush, and Roush knows this! And Edwards is also the top Ford driver. Going to Gibbs’ operation, Edwards won’t be number 1! He isn’t going to get the best equipment, not without Cryle throwing a temper tantrum the first time Edwards either out-qualifies him and/or finishes ahead of him! Carl will find himself second-banana! And he won’t like that one bit! Also, this whole Edwards-to-Gibbs seems to have something to do with Home Depot being the ones who want Edwards representing them. Gee, I can hear Joey saying, “Thank’s a lot!”. If this truely is the case, and I personally think it is, I would look at Home Depot leaving Gibbs and moving over to Roush to sponsor the #99! And if you ask me, that is most likely what will happen! And if it does, I’ll have to eat my words and change my disliking of Home Depot! And I have a Niece who is a Home Depot store manager!

  4. Rob Says:
    July 28th, 2011 at 7:43 am

    Carl Edwards will get along with Kyle Busch just fine. While they are both fiercely competitive they are also both respectful of each others talents. It probably took a couple of those dustups you mentioned for them to learn to respect each other, but now that they do, they will be just fine. Their driving styles are similar enough that they will be able to bounce setups and ideas off of each other. Both of these guys are smart enough to make this work, and neither of them is going to be willing to upset or aggrevate Joe or JD Gibbs. I see them getting along very well in fact, don’t be surprised to see Cousin Carl behind the wheel of a KBM Truck or Nationwide car from time to time. Kyle will be running both series less and less from this point forward. The fallout following his 100th NASCAR win upset the young man. Despite any pretenses, he really does care what people think, and he wants people to like him. He is not the bad guy everyone makes him out to be. Carl Edwards is in the same boat, he is growing tired of being demonized for winning, he will run fewer Truck and NW races in the future. If anyone in the JGR organization is going to have have problems with the addidtion of Edwards to that team, it will be Denny Hamlin, as he is bumped to #3 status on the team. Denny is a good driver and not a bad person, but his NASCAR life is about being a superstar. His time away from the track is spent doing his own thing, he plays basketball and hangs out at the lake with his friends. Adding Edwards diminishes his stardom, at least in his mnd, and it will hurt him eventually. If anyone at JGR is looking to bolt for a Chevy ride in the next few years, it will be Denny Hamlin.
    That brings us to Logano, JD told the truth when he said in a recent interview that Joey’s future in the number 20 ride was secure. Expect to see Logano at Daytona 2012 in the #20 Home Depot Toyota. He’ll be at Atlanta 2012 in the 20 Home Depot car. But, he’ll be running alongside the #19 Home Depot Toyota of Carl Edwards. In fact, Edwards will run the entire season in the #19 Home Depot Toyota, and Joey will be sponsored by Game Stop in the 20 car for the majority of the season. This will help Joey, he will have almost no pressure on him. He can do what he needs to do to develop and by 2014, he will be ready to relegate Hamlin to the number 4 spot on the team. Hamlin won’t like it, but unless he is willing to move, there is nothing he can do about it. More than likely he will learn to be content winning a couple of races a year and enjoy living in his posh mansion next door to Joe Gibbs.

  5. Jason Says:
    July 28th, 2011 at 9:42 am

    FYI Denny sold his house on the Lake next to Joe Gibbs this spring and moved to a new one. Maybe Denny should start a team with Micheal Jordarn.

  6. RR B Says:
    July 28th, 2011 at 2:42 pm

    Gibbs loves his little punk drivers.

  7. sylvia richardson Says:
    July 28th, 2011 at 5:26 pm

    I like Carl but if he does this will never pull for him again.. I know money talks loud and clear,but being loyal is the main thing going for me as a fan.JUST LIKE MY 25 YRS OF BEING LOYAL 2 MY ONE AND ONLY DRIVER MARK MARTIN.{JUST WISH MARK WAS STILL { DRIVING FOR FORD.

  8. Charles Says:
    July 29th, 2011 at 6:44 am

    Sylvia Richardson speaks for volumes of fans that are leaving or have left Nascar by droves its the Car Fan!

    I put myself in that category! We are “car fans” first and driver fans second!

    The sport was built on the competition between the brand of cars, and now Nascar has demoted it, Car Fans have left plain and simple!

    Alot of people wonder why do you pull for brand of car, well its no different than say you are a NFL fan and your team is Washington Redskins, if the quarterback gets traded do you pull for the team he goes to or the Redskins! most will pull for the Redskins!

    Same for some of us in Nascar!!