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Bowyer appears less than optimistic that he will return to RCR

By admin | August 27, 2011

By Richard Allen

Clint Bowyer broke into NASCAR in 2004 driving a partial schedule in the Nationwide Series for Richard Childress Racing. He went on to parlay that initial opportunity into a fulltime ride and an eventual championship in that division with the legendary car owner.

From there, Bowyer moved to the Sprint Cup Series where he has competed for RCR on a fulltime basis since 2006. The Kansas native has amassed four wins and 88 top-10 finishes in NASCAR’s top division. He has also finished in the top-5 of the final points standings twice.

However, 2011 marks the end of Bowyer’s contract with the organization that brought him into big time stock car racing. And while an extension may have earlier this season seemed a near certainty, things have proven not so easy. As a matter of fact, in recent weeks it has looked as if Bowyer may in fact not return to the Childress team at all next year.

Appearing earlier this week on the Knoxville, Tennessee sports radio station WNML, Bowyer almost admitted that he has little faith of driving the #33 Chevrolet in 2012.

When asked about that very thing, Bowyer answered, “I’d like to stay at RCR but it doesn’t look like that’s gonna be…” The driver stopped himself mid-sentence but the blanks seem pretty easy to fill in.

When further pressed by show host Josh Ward as to whether he had other offers on the table should his RCR prospects fall through, Bowyer became very evasive. “Man, you’re really digging,” Bowyer laughed, before attempting to guide the conversation away from his contract status and toward his efforts to make the Chase for the Championship.

Rumors from earlier in the current season had Clint Bowyer headed for Team Red Bull in 2012. Obviously, that team’s departure from the sport has closed that door. But it is looking more and more as if this driver will be seeking other opportunities in the near future.

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9 Responses to “Bowyer appears less than optimistic that he will return to RCR”

  1. Dwindy1 Says:
    August 27th, 2011 at 12:38 pm

    After all the speculation about what Carl Edwards was going to do and then he stayed put I have to wonder what Richard Childress is thinking since all indications have been that Clint wants to stay. Kind of lends credence to the earlier rumors about Red Bull and Childress didn’t like it. Richard is a grudge carrying son of a gun…

    How about a straight up trade… Clint Bowyer for Joe Logano? Logano could dump Kyle anytime he had the opportunity then and his owner wouldn’t mind one bit!

  2. Sue Rarick Says:
    August 28th, 2011 at 6:57 am

    My personal opinion is that I think Boyer is a racer stuck in a points racing system. RCR can put drivers in the Chase but that’s as far as it goes. The last time Childress won a championship he had a driver named Dale that had won a championship the year before he moved over to Childress (seems to point to more the driver than the car).

    I would love to see what Boyer could do in a system like JGR’s but I doubt that will happen. But going over to Petty would give him Roush/Yates equipment and a system that goes for wins.

  3. zhills fan Says:
    August 28th, 2011 at 7:22 am

    Another sign of the times, if RCR has the sponsorship there’s no doubt in my mind that Boyer is their man, and he should be, he’s a good driver and person.

  4. Mike Southern Says:
    August 28th, 2011 at 9:39 am

    No Cheer-ee-oo for Bowyer. With sponsorship uncertain, RCR needs to adjust Clint’s salary in hopes of making a lesser deal work. And as we know, deep pocket sponsors are hard to come by these days. Super star Jeff Gordon has AARP on his car as DuPont has pulled back. Budweiser shares the 29 with Jimmy John’s and Bad Boy Mowers. Really? Yes class really. So Clint needs to get his mind right or he and Eliot Sadler might become teammates duking it out with Jason Leffler and Parker with the weird last name.

  5. Ken Says:
    August 28th, 2011 at 1:18 pm

    Sue, Bowyer going to Petty will only make him another also-ran like Ambrose and Almandinger (and Kenseth, Biffle, Edwards, and Ragan too!). The Roush-Yates engines are proving to be duds, no power, and the cars suck. Bowyer will either have to stay at RCR, or seek out another Chevy team, if he expects to remain competetive.

  6. Mr. Tony Geinzer Says:
    August 28th, 2011 at 3:21 pm

    Rich, I hate to be the man who says it, but, if it is true that Bowyer leaves for Petty, I am going to have Stenhouse as my new favorite driver for 2012 and Beyond and I am upset with Toyota for letting Red Bull abandon shop that fast.

  7. steve headstone Says:
    August 28th, 2011 at 3:36 pm

    to bad bowyer dad does’nt own a chain of somekind of stores oh well it will be punk childress loss, jeff burton is really producing results…not !!!

  8. Richard Petersen Says:
    August 28th, 2011 at 4:40 pm

    What about trade Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Clint Bowyer?? Obviously we all know how Dale, Jr. is fairing with Hendrick Motorsports and that one lousy win. Rick promised him a moon with a fence around it but has got nothing. I think it would be a great idea, besides, Jr’s fans…me…wanted him to go to RCR in the first place in 2007 when he was leaving DEI. And lets not forget in all four years now that he hasn’t won, the only win he has had was in the #3 Wrangler for…well, RCR of course, imagine that huh. That should tell you something there :)

  9. Joe W. Says:
    August 29th, 2011 at 11:59 am

    Ken you must be a Ford hater. The FR9 is NOT a dud. It has won several races this year. Ambrose and A.J. are both doing better than before. Ragan won a race and Trevor Bayne won the Daytona 500 with one. You are just not a fan. I am a fan of Ford and the FR9. Personally I don’t care much for Boyer but if he did drive for Petty in a Ford I might change my mind.