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Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch deserve each other so ‘Boys, have at it’

By admin | August 27, 2011

By Richard Allen


Two of the most outspoken, volatile and controversial figures in NASCAR are certainly Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch. So, it should come as no surprise for two guys who seem to have something to say about everything to engage in a war of words with each other.

After Wednesday’s Camping World Truck Series event in Bristol in which Busch became entangled with Kevin Harvick, Inc. Nationwide Series driver Elliott Sadler and later intentionally spun him, Harvick sounded off.

In Friday’s media availability session at Bristol Motor Speedway, Harvick stated that, “If he keeps running his mouth, he might get it(his butt) whipped again off the track.” Of course, the reference is a not so subtle reminder that Harvick’s Sprint Cup car owner, Richard Childress, delivered a physical beating to Busch after a truck race earlier this season.

But what is funny to this writer is that a driver who was once benched by NASCAR(Martinsville in 2002) for his behavior and who has had his share of physical confrontations with drivers such as Greg Biffle and Carl Edwards could offer criticism to any other driver for having a bad attitude.

Busch, for his part, believed Sadler hooked him in the truck race because of an ongoing rivalry/feud between his Kyle Busch Motorsports team and Harvick’s KHI. “The guy is paid by KHI, so what do you think?” Busch asked when asked if he though Sadler wrecked him on purpose.

Again, funny to this writer is that Busch could be critical of anyone else’s actions against him. Like Harvick, he has ruffled so many feathers throughout the NASCAR garage area that retaliation or even a simple failure to give in those ‘give and take’ situations should be expected rather than surprising.

Pretty simply put, these two guys seem to deserve each other. Both are abrasive. Both are aggressive. Both anger others at just about every turn and do not seem to care. A rivalry between two of NASCAR’s most volatile characters certainly has the potential to provide years worth of entertainment. The phrase ‘Boys, have at it’ so often used in NASCAR today was essentially made for these guys.

But if they damage someone else with their on track antics they might both find themselves ‘getting their butts whipped’ by some third party who doesn’t like either of them. And my guess is there are plenty of those around.

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2 Responses to “Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch deserve each other so ‘Boys, have at it’”

  1. Ken Says:
    August 28th, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    Kevin and Kyle both need to take a step back and start thinking about their current on-track performance. While both running their mouths, The punk in the Blue-Deuce is making them both look like chumps. Same goes for Mr. Edwards! Punk-Brad is running rings around all three of them and making them all look like total losers, and is laughing at the three of them!

  2. steve headstone Says:
    August 28th, 2011 at 3:30 pm

    harvick is a punk just like childress and both are BIG hypocrites