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Plenty of anticipation being generated this off season

By admin | January 22, 2012

By Richard Allen


I am one who often criticizes NASCAR when I think they are doing a poor job(and they give me plenty of opportunities) but I also try to point out when they do things well. This off season the organization has done an excellent job of generating enthusiasm for the coming year.

Just over a week ago, the building toward the 2012 season began with a pre-season test session in Daytona at which NASCAR showed they were willing to take in consideration the desires of fans and competitors to do something about the relatively new and somewhat disliked 2×2 tandem racing style on the restrictor plate tracks.

There was genuine excitement created when cars went out in big packs during those test sessions.

Following on the heels of Preseason Thunder in Daytona came this most recent weekend. The movement of the NASCAR Hall of Fame ceremonies from May to January proved to be a success in that it provided something positive to talk about during the off season.

What better thing for the sport than to have fans and media alike reminiscing about the achievements of those who contributed to the building of stock car racing into what it is today? That certainly beats having rehashed arguments over debris cautions and whether or not Dale Earnhardt, Jr. might actually win a race in the coming season.

Although, it would have been nice to have live television coverage of the Hall of Fame ceremonies, or at least streaming internet coverage(Hello, Speed and!).

And more, the combining of the Hall ceremonies with NASCAR Preview 2012 in downtown Charlotte proved to be a success. By all accounts, the Saturday Preview event was well attended and those who came seemed to have a good time as they were treated to looks at the latest paint schemes and a chance to meet their favorite drivers. There was such anticipation for the event that some fans went so far as to camp out the night before in order to get the best shot at obtaining autographs from the top stars of the sport.

To continue the positive vibe, this week will feature the Sprint Media Tour. From that press and television frenzy will come more stories of high hopes and anticipation.

Perhaps best of all for the sanctioning body, this has been one of the most active off seasons in terms of driver, sponsor and crew member movements the sport has ever seen. That type of activity is always good for causing a stir.

I, for one, am looking forward to this season with as much anticipation as I have had in a long time. NASCAR’s efforts at promoting the coming year have had a lot to do with that. So, credit where credit is due.

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