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Kentucky traffic issues took spotlight off of bad racing in 2011

By admin | June 28, 2012

By Richard Allen


Last year, the story surrounding the running of the inaugural NASCAR Sprint Cup race at the Kentucky Speedway centered around the traffic nightmare that jammed area roads creating long backups and even caused some people to miss the race entirely. Because so much attention was paid to the mess outside the track, not nearly as much attention as might normally have been the case was paid to the mess on the track.

In typical 1.5 mile ‘cookie cutter’ fashion, the 2011 Quaker State 400 was devoid of passing and excitement. The official race report shows that there were a total 20 lead changes throughout the night. However, the fact that is often left out of those lead change numbers is that many of the “passes” occur as a result of cautions and/or pit stop exchanges. In the case of the race, that was true of at least nine of the reported lead swaps.

And as is also typically the case of this type track, the leader got out front and drove away for long periods of time. In last year’s Kentucky event, brothers Kurt and Kyle Busch along with Brad Keselowski led 245 of the 267 laps that made up the race distance. There were five different stretches in which the lead car ran 25 laps or more without being passed.

To combat the negativity surrounding this particular venue as a result of last year’s event, someone with the track thought it would be a good idea to have Darrell Waltrip star in what must have been the most annoying ad campaign ever devised for a NASCAR race. The commercials for the race show all sorts of action taking place…on other tracks, which helps prove the point that little worthy of television commercialism happened here last year.

It will be interesting to see just how many people come back for a second go around in 2012.

According to the track’s press releases, the traffic issues that plagued this race last year have been addressed. Hopefully, such a malfunction will not occur again. But in one way, that may be a negative. At least there was some side by side action in Kentucky last year. Unfortunately, it was at about 2 mph on the interstate.

From Last year- ‘What could have been a great night for NASCAR turns sour in Kentucky’->

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One Response to “Kentucky traffic issues took spotlight off of bad racing in 2011”

  1. GinaV24 Says:
    June 29th, 2012 at 3:11 pm

    LOL, Rich. This was a very funny article. I remember those ads, just like the ones that do for Bristol where they show clips from before it was reconfigured and before the COT and Chase were introduced.

    Side by side action on the interstate! Yes indeed. It seems to me that I get more exciting action on my daily commute than is seen during many of the so called races.