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Is it worth the risk, Kyle Busch?

By admin | June 3, 2008

By Jayson D. Henry


This weekend Kyle Busch will be taking some risks. Yes, he’ll be going three wide at times, cutting through lapped traffic and driving on the ragged edge, but the risk I’m talking about has to do with the amount of travel he’ll be logging.

Busch plans to run the truck race in Texas on Friday night, the Nationwide race in Nashville on Saturday night and the Sprint Cup race in Pocono on Sunday. Now, I’m not referring to risks as in the dangers of flying. I’m referring to the risks of exhaustion and fatigue from all of that travel as he will be jetting back and forth between Pocono and the other places several times during the weekend.

Even if he is only 23 years old all that going from here to there has to take its toll.

The problem could be that the most important race he’ll run all weekend, the Sprint race, is the one where that fatigue is most likely to show up.

The last race of the week is a long, often boring, grind in Pocono. It would seem to me to be a perfect place to lose concentration and have a slip up. Now, a slip up does not mean he’ll crash. That might happen, but a slip up could be something as small as making a mistake coming into the pits or giving poor feedback to the crew.

Any of those seemingly minor goof ups could cost Busch the race and valuable points.

So, again I ask, is it worth the risk, Kyle Busch?

Of course, it is up to him and the Gibbs team to make that decision but Busch is a risk taker and that is something that is not lost on some observers. It actually seems to be winning him a little support. Just this morning I talked to a person who said, “I don’t usually follow NASCAR much but I like Kyle Busch’s style and I like that when he wins it bothers people.”

Maybe in the long run, it’s worth the risk.

Jayson D. Henry is a guest blogger for

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