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Busch continues to get deleted from the friends list

By admin | June 14, 2008

By Richard Allen


Those of you who have visited the MySpace website are probably aware of the friends list. You are allowed to invite other MySpace members to become one of your friends and they then choose to accept or deny your invitation. Also, you can delete any friend who you deem no longer worthy of your friendship.

I do not know if Kyle Busch has a MySpace account or not but there are fewer and fewer within the ranks of drivers who would be willing to accept his invitation. And, there would be quite a few who have probably hit the delete key by now.

After Saturday’s truck series race in Michigan add Ron Hornaday to the list of those who would delete young Mr. Busch.

“He just drove into me,” said Hornaday, who said Busch was mad over an earlier incident in the race in which Hornaday went four-wide to make a pass.

“He doesn’t deserve to be a racer. He has a lot of talent, but he is just flat stupid. … I tried to talk to him as a friend. I guess it is an ego trip and if he is going to wreck me every week. I guess we are just going to have to do it back to him.”

So far this season Busch has had run ins with the likes of Steve Wallace, Johnny Benson, the Roush Fenway truck team, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Junior’s crew and Junior’s fans.

His friends list is definitely shrinking. But, to some degree that is a bit of a compliment. When a driver runs at the back and never challenges the elite on the circuit no one gets mad at them. For that matter no one gives them a second thought unless they get in the way while being lapped.

People care about Busch because he is ruffling feathers. He is ruffling feathers because he is running near the front.

On the other hand, however, a driver can only ruffle so many feathers until those other drivers start to ruffle back as Hornaday said.

Busch also has more chances to make others angry considering he flies all over the country to participate in each of NASCAR’s top three divisions.

Another person who has probably deleted Kyle Busch from his friends list is Kevin Harvick. Harvick owns the truck driven by Hornaday. The last lap spin dropped Hornaday from 1st to 3rd in the Craftsman Truck Series standings. That could potentially cost Harvick money and few things can upset a person more than having money taken away.

Unlike Hornaday, Benson and Wallace, however, Harvick has the ability to affect Sprint Cup points leader Busch where it would hurt the most, the Sprint Cup Series. That could make Sunday’s LifeLock 400 or some other soon to be run Cup race a bit more interesting.

Richard Allen is a member of the National Motorsports Press Association. His weekly column appears in The Mountain Press every Wednesday.

*Click on the link in the Video and pod casts heading to see the post race incident between Hornaday and Busch.

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4 Responses to “Busch continues to get deleted from the friends list”

  1. Shaun Says:
    June 15th, 2008 at 1:25 am

    What Kyle Busch is doing is almost the same thing bad guys have been doing in wrestling for years. They adopt a persona in the ring that fans hate, then don’t break kayfabe (or act out of character) when they are in public. The difference with this is that NASCAR races are not scripted (at least, we HOPE not) and the attitudes, reactions, feelings, and career ups and downs are real. Kyle needs to realize that it’s okay to get the fans riled up, but he doesn’t want to do the same to his peers or he’ll be finding the wall every week. I think with this success Kyle is taking himself a little too seriously and he needs to take a step back. Rather than modeling himself after “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, “Rowdy” Busch should take some lessons from another R.P. : Richard Petty.

  2. Brian Says:
    June 15th, 2008 at 10:20 am

    The people will start to not buy from sponsors&the sponsors will grow tired of this fool

  3. AndrewFromTN Says:
    June 15th, 2008 at 5:55 pm


    And while few of Kyle’s incidents IMHO have been intentional, all his incidents come from a self-centered if not selfish attitude.

    The wreck with Hornaday did not look intentional, however, his “get the heck out of my way, here I come” attitude has this time as on other occasions has had him make moves without considering that someone else is there. The other drivers do not need to move over for Kyle or anyone else for that matter.

    Or, to put it another way, for a driver with such car control he has saved his vehicle when others would have wrecked, he certainly gets into other cars more than any other driver in the top 20.

  4. Fred Says:
    June 15th, 2008 at 9:08 pm

    I’ll probably get chewed out for this but with that incedent in the truck race I’ll have to side with Kyle. It looked like Hornaday came down on him trying to
    block him or got loose.