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By admin | May 30, 2013

By Richard Allen

I’m introducing a new feature this season. The Sprint Cup Power Rankings and Fantasy Picks will serve as my own personal system for rating drivers throughout the season and will also reveal my weekly fantasy picks for the upcoming race.

The Power Rankings will not necessarily mirror the Sprint Cup standings. A number of factors will be weighed in determining who gets ranked where. Certainly, the standings will be taken into consideration. But also, race wins will be considered and weighted more heavily than the current points system used by NASCAR may allow. Further, winning particular races may serve to boost a driver’s position in the rankings. For example, winning a big race such as the Daytona 500 or the Southern 500 will be viewed more favorably than winning at Phoenix or Dover.

Aside from race wins and the standings, a driver who has had strong runs but suffered from bad luck may be ranked higher than the standings will allow. For example, a driver may lead half the laps of a particular race but then lose out in the end due to fuel mileage or may be caught up in a late race crash. That driver’s strength throughout the day will be taken into consideration.

But ultimately, this writer’s opinion of the driver’s performance throughout the season will be the deciding factor.

In terms of my fantasy selections, I play the ‘ESPN Stock Car Challenge’ game on That game allows each player a budget of $100 with each driver having a value based on his performance and the overall market demand. Players are allowed to make trades each week as long as they stay within their budget. A player’s budget may fluctuate weekly as the value of drivers rises and falls.

All content below is for discussion purposes only and not meant for the purpose of gambling. Your picks are your own. Power Rankings for the weekend of June 2, 2013- FedEx 400:

1. Jimmie Johnson: He actually was pretty lucky in Charlotte. He got hit in the back by Juan Pablo Montoya, but unlike the last thing JPM hit in the back, he didn’t burst into flames. (Last Week- 1st)

2. Matt Kenseth: Apply the comment made for Jimmie Johnson to Kenseth as well. (Last Week- 2nd)

3. Kasey Kahne: He’s getting faster as the season goes along. You can tell because the videos of him posted on Facebook by his young, female fans are getting more blurry. (Last Week- 5th)

4. Kyle Busch: Until his engine gave out, he was faster than just about everything in Charlotte…except the Fox camera. (Last Week- 3rd)

5. Carl Edwards: He and crew chief Jimmy Fennig may seem like the Odd Couple, but neither of them will respond if you call them Oscar. (Last Week- 4th)

6. Kevin Harvick: Some call him “Happy”. Some call him “The Closer”. Kasey Kahne may have wanted to call him “Thief” after he stole a late race victory in the Coke 600. (Last Week- 9th)

7. Clint Bowyer: He just had a birthday this past week, but he stopped worrying about those after he passed 21. (Last Week- 7th)

8. Dale Earnhardt, Jr.: He dropped out of the race early in Charlotte, which allowed a number of people to make it home before midnight. (Last Week- 6th)

9. Brad Keselowski: His luck has been so bad lately that he is actually trying to hide his stuff in Mike Harmon’s garage. (Last Week- 8th)

10. Paul Menard: After being passed in the standings by Kevin Harvick, he immediately ripped up his new contract and proclaimed himself a “lame duck” since that seems to be the ticket to success at Richard Childress Racing. (Last Week- 11th)

11. Denny Hamlin: After hearing Brian France’s comment that several drivers had thanked him for fining Hamlin, @DennyHamlin tweeted that “Someone’s nose is growing”. I’m sure the two things are totally unrelated. (Last Week- 12th)

12. Martin Truex, Jr.: He has been moving up in the standings of late, which is fine with some fans. He has also not made anymore of those ‘NAPA Know How’ commercials, which is fine with ALL fans. (Last Week- NR)

Outside Looking in: Greg Biffle, Aric Almirola, Kurt Busch, Jeff Gordon)

My fantasy picks for the FedEx 400 at the Dover International Speedway.

At one point last week, I had four of my drivers running in the top-5. Then, cameras started falling from the sky and Juan Pablo Montoya didn’t consider slowing down when Jimmie Johnson spun himself out. From there, things turned disastrous.

Jimmie Johnson- He costs $21.1, but his seven wins and average finish of 8.6 at Dover are worth the price.

Matt Kenseth- His two wins and 18 top-10s here along with the strength shown all year make him worth his $22 price tag.

Kyle Busch- He has two wins and ten top-10s here to vindicate his $20.9 price tag. And it just seems as if the Dover track was made for his driving style.

Denny Hamlin- He doesn’t have that great of a record at Dover, but still, it’s Denny Hamlin for only $18.4.

Mark Martin- He only costs $16.2 and he has more top-10s than most current drivers have starts here at Dover.


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One Response to “ Sprint Cup Power Rankings and Fantasy Picks: FedEx 400 at Dover”

  1. Tony Geinzer Says:
    May 31st, 2013 at 4:46 pm

    I would wonder if this Fall, why not JJ vs. The Champs or the Non Champs for Picks? Also, I am no medic or nurse, but can’t Gibbs bench Hamlin for the Road Races?