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By admin | June 7, 2013

By Richard Allen

I’m introducing a new feature this season. The Sprint Cup Power Rankings and Fantasy Picks will serve as my own personal system for rating drivers throughout the season and will also reveal my weekly fantasy picks for the upcoming race.

The Power Rankings will not necessarily mirror the Sprint Cup standings. A number of factors will be weighed in determining who gets ranked where. Certainly, the standings will be taken into consideration. But also, race wins will be considered and weighted more heavily than the current points system used by NASCAR may allow. Further, winning particular races may serve to boost a driver’s position in the rankings. For example, winning a big race such as the Daytona 500 or the Southern 500 will be viewed more favorably than winning at Phoenix or Dover.

Aside from race wins and the standings, a driver who has had strong runs but suffered from bad luck may be ranked higher than the standings will allow. For example, a driver may lead half the laps of a particular race but then lose out in the end due to fuel mileage or may be caught up in a late race crash. That driver’s strength throughout the day will be taken into consideration.

But ultimately, this writer’s opinion of the driver’s performance throughout the season will be the deciding factor.

In terms of my fantasy selections, I play the ‘ESPN Stock Car Challenge’ game on That game allows each player a budget of $100 with each driver having a value based on his performance and the overall market demand. Players are allowed to make trades each week as long as they stay within their budget. A player’s budget may fluctuate weekly as the value of drivers rises and falls.

All content below is for discussion purposes only and not meant for the purpose of gambling. Your picks are your own. Power Rankings for the weekend of June 9, 2013- Party in the Poconos 400:


1. Jimmie Johnson: Johnson didn’t have to jump the restart here. He’s been leading this poll all along.(Last Week- 1st)


2. Kyle Busch: He led a bunch of laps but didn’t win in Dover. That tune is getting more air time than the “I ate the bones” commercials for KFC. (Last Week- 4th)


3. Matt Kenseth: His engine failure caused a major shake up within Toyota’s TRD organization. But more importantly, it hurt my fantasy team and caused Kenseth to drop a spot in these rankings.(Last Week- 2nd)


4. Kasey Kahne: Things didn’t go well for him in Dover, but don’t feel too bad for him. He’s rich and women love him. That’s a nice combination. (Last Week- 3rd)


5. Carl Edwards: He said this week that Ford and his team are a bit behind right now. Jack Roush declared that’s not true and his team expects to lead NASCAR into the 20th century. (Last Week- 5th)


6. Kevin Harvick: Lame duck, like revenge, is a dish best served cold. (Last Week- 6th)


7. Clint Bowyer: He’s looking forward to sharing one of those heart shaped bathtubs in the Poconos with that drive shaft he woke up with last year in Miami. (Last Week- 7th)


8. Dale Earnhardt, Jr.: If you’re ever standing at the back of a long line at the concession stand of a race track, just yell “Look, it’s Dale Jr.” and the line will clear up pretty quickly. (Last Week- 8th)


9. Brad Keselowski: Seriously, guys. The crew chief on this car was back from suspension for one whole week before they got busted again. Sometimes this stuff just writes itself. (Last Week- 9th)


10. Tony Stewart: To the surprise of some, his victory in Dover showed last week that he is still running in the Sprint Cup Series. (Last Week- NR)


11. Jeff Gordon: He’s not been very consistent this year. As a matter of fact, people may start thinking he is going into politics or weather forecasting if this keeps up. (Last Week- NR)


12. Paul Menard: Still hanging in there. (Last Week- 10th)

Outside looking in: Aric Almirola, Kurt Busch, Greg Biffle

My fantasy picks for the Party in the Poconos 400 at the Pocono Raceway.

If my fantasy team could stop getting penalized or suffering self-inflicted wounds, they would be doing great. But, it is what it is. Still, I’m making some pretty big changes. I’m just ready to ditch Mark Martin. Also, Matt Kenseth and Kyle Busch don’t have particularly good records in Pocono and I don’t trust the Toyota engines on those long straightaways.

Jimmie Johnson- His cost is $22.1, but with two wins and an average finish of 9th at Pocono, I’ll keep him around.

Jeff Gordon- He finally had a good run last week coming to a track where he has six career wins and an average finish of 10th. His cost is an affordable $20.4.

Kurt Busch- He’s been running very well of late which makes his price tag of $18.8 seem reasonable. He has had two wins and 12 top-10s at Pocono.

Denny Hamlin- He still only costs $18.2 which makes him a great value considering he has had four wins and an average finish of 11th at Pocono.

Joey Logano- He costs $19.4. Pocono produced one of his few Sprint Cup wins which no doubt bodes well for his confidence coming in.



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2 Responses to “ Sprint Cup Power Rankings and Fantasy Picks: Pocono”

  1. Offkilter Says:
    June 8th, 2013 at 8:43 pm

    Funny tidbits. That Jack Roush nugget is hilarious!

  2. splash & go Says:
    June 9th, 2013 at 7:34 am

    tough calls. I would keep Martin (42 races and never worse than 19th) plus his salary should rise and you have to drop him in two weeks anyway so most likely you”ll increase your cap. Same with Kenseth. Hard to take a .4 loss, have to roll the dice.