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Trevor Bayne needs wins to remain in the spotlight

By admin | May 16, 2014

 Trevor Bayne

By Richard Allen

Trevor Bayne has built a pretty impressive resume for a driver of only 23 years of age. The Knoxville native scored a win in the sport’s biggest event(Daytona 500) back in 2011 and has added two Nationwide Series wins since. But he could be in danger of being lost in the shuffle in the current NASCAR landscape if he doesn’t do something spectacular in the near future.

Bayne is returning to the scene of his last Nationwide Series win this weekend when NASCAR’s second division takes on the Iowa Speedway in the ‘Get to Know Newton 250′. Last year, Bayne rubbed his way past Austin Dillon late in the going and drove away to the checkered flag. But that was the only time the young driver would park his Roush Fenway Racing Ford in Victory Lane during a season in which he would place 6th in the final standings.

Granted, one win and a top-10 in the standings weren’t disastrous results when it is considered that race wins are completely dominated by Sprint Cup regulars who frequently step down to the lower series. But in that same regard, his 6th place finish in points wasn’t as impressive as it may have seemed considering that the Sprint Cup stars are not allowed to accumulate points in the Nationwide Series.

Quite simply, Bayne needs to make a bigger splash. And he appears to have the potential to do that this year. He has posted seven top-10 finishes so far in 2014 and one of those outside the top-10 was an 11th. But it’s wins that make the biggest splashes.

The problem for Bayne is that there are even younger drivers than him who have been stealing the headlines of late. Kyle Larson and Chase Elliott are the talk of the sport right now when fans, media and other competitors discuss young up-and-coming drivers in NASCAR.

It’s almost as if Bayne is in danger of being forgotten before even reaching the age of 25. He has done little to write home about in the while driving the Wood Brothers Ford in Sprint Cup since that Daytona 500 win. And most likely, that’s likely not going to change considering that is a single car organization that only competes part time in a series that demands constant study and experimentation to keep pace with the sport’s best.

So it’s in the Nationwide Series where this driver must keep himself in the spotlight. This weekend will provide one of the few chances to race without heavy Sprint Cup involvement. Trevor Bayne needs to take advantage of that fact.

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3 Responses to “Trevor Bayne needs wins to remain in the spotlight”

  1. Lucas Says:
    May 17th, 2014 at 2:23 am

    Obviously from your writings in the past you are a big fan of Trevors. I don’t know Trevor personally, but he seems to be a great guy, that Nascar is lucky to have. However, IMO for whatever reason he has gotten a huge non judgemental pass from all press. His win at the 500 is well just that a win at the 500, a most hyped race and let’s be honest he had help. Following a good or bad race since that race, the critique is/was never there at all..just “Trevor Bayne, Daytona 500 winner”, like they could not see past that win. That sadly is his only footnote, regardless of how he ran a race, it always comes back to the 500 win, why? They do him an injustice. I say this because you mention his age, a very young 23. Joey Logano is 23 has much more accomplishments in NW and Cup, yet people still feel he hasn’t accomplished enough in comparing his racing to guys almost 20 years older every week.. I find it fascinating all around. Good luck to him in the future, it hasn’t looked good of late. I am fascinated how the negativity in the press never really hit Trevor the way it did other drivers, unfairly as it may be. I do think you have a good point about stepping it up. The media is making it look like alot of age difference between the drivers and there really isn’t. 21 and 23 years, not much difference. As a fan who really doesn’t follow Trevor unless I see him on the track, his schedule in Nascar seems very erratic, that cannot help.

  2. Russ Says:
    May 17th, 2014 at 3:25 am

    Interesting point about his career, while not being “over”, appears to have its best days behind it. This is something we’ve been seeing in other sports, particularly for quite some time. Now it appears to have reached racing. In the ever more fevered search for the “silver bullet” to reverse the decline younger players are being touted as the new stars. Of course most will never be more than bit players, but the search goes on.
    But maybe just making a nice living will be enough.

  3. racefangurl Says:
    May 17th, 2014 at 9:38 am

    I’m a real Trevor fan myself. My dad said of Trevor he raced at Adirondack International Speedway, near where I live. It was 2.5 years after Trevor’s Adirondack International Speedway race when he won the Daytona 500. I learned about the Adirondack race shortly after his 500. He seems to win when there’s a special occasion. His 500 win came the day after his 20th birthday. He won at Texas on his little brother’s 8th birthday. His Iowa win last year was right after he got married. He also had milestone wins at least two of these times. Maybe he’ll defend at Iowa since it’s Ashton’s birthday. It would be a late birthday gift, since the race is a day after her 23rd birthday. I hope what he said at Iowa last year about “a lot of years left racing” holds.