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Season could get real long for Newman and team

By admin | August 7, 2008

By Jayson D. Henry


During the rain delay that took place at Sunday’s Pocono race two interesting crew/driver situations played out.

Carl Edwards and his crew chief, Bob Osborne, got into what was apparently a heated argument about the decision to pit with rain beginning to fall on some parts of the track. Edwards made no bones about the fact that he had wanted to stay out and hold the lead in case the rain caused the race to end right there.

As it turned out the race didn’t end right there and Edwards went on to win, in large part due to the strategy called for by his crew chief. All seemed to be well in victory lane. Winning soothes hurt feelings.

On the other hand, Ryan Newman disagreed with his team’s decision to pit as well. “On a good run we’re a 13th place car and on a bad run we’re an 18th place car,” the disgruntled Newman declared.

“We need some strategy,” he told pit reporters during the lull. “We need some track position. That’s not the way to get it.”

There are some major differences between Edwards and Newman at this time. First, as said before, Edwards is winning. Winning makes all the difference. Look at examples from every other sport. As long as teams are winning everything seems fine, but when losing starts, so do the problems.

The dugout altercation between the players on the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team the other night shows that.

Another difference between them is that Edwards recently signed a contract extension to stay with his team, and Newman just announced he was leaving his.

It’s just human nature to be wanted. Edwards’ team feels wanted by their driver. No doubt, Newman’s team doesn’t feel very wanted by their driver anymore.

And worst of all, Newman placed an ultimatum on his team to get better or else. Well, he’s leaving so he obviously didn’t feel like they were or could get better.

To me, what that seems to be saying is that he has given up on them so they may just return the favor.

Newman started off the week with his former teammate, Rusty Wallace, saying he didn’t leave Penske Racing, he was fired. Then, Newman basically threw his team under the bus during the rain delay at Pocono.

It’s shaping up to be a really long stretch run for the boys of car #12.

Jayson D. Henry is a guest blogger for

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One Response to “Season could get real long for Newman and team”

  1. aginn Says:
    August 8th, 2008 at 9:47 am

    krusty should stay out of it. he isn’t penske’s boy anymore. what does the media need to stir it up for?