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Why all the fuss over the Bud Shootout?

By admin | September 2, 2008

By Jayson D. Henry


Recently, it was announced that the Budweiser Shootout would be changed in 2009.

The Bud Shootout is an exhibition race held the weekend before the Daytona 500. It is meant to whet the appetite of NASCAR fans who have gone weeks without seeing cars racing around a track.

In past years, the race has been a reward for the previous year’s pole winners and former winners of the race. Now, the race is going to place emphasis on the auto manufacturers. The top six drivers for each auto brand will represent his manufacturer in the race.

Since the announcement drivers, writers, fans and television personalities have voiced disapproval of the new set up.

What’s the big deal?

It’s only an exhibition. It doesn’t really mean anything.

To me, this format has the potential to create more drama than watching guys who happened to bust off one good lap the year before. During any given year there are always a few guys who surprise everyone with a pole run.

This year has been no different. Joe Nemechek, Paul Menard and Patrick Carpentier have won poles but will not be eligible under the new format. In year’s past Boris Said, Michael Waltrip and others have made this race.

This new set up will allow for a truer picture of who has what. With the exception of the new Stewart-Haas team, every major team will be in the race.

And more, this new format could add some drama by causing drivers of one manufacturer to work together to insure their brand wins.

Also remember that Budweiser no longer sponsors the pole award. I’m sure they did not want to be the host sponsor of a race that glorifies winners of an award given out by Coors.

All this fuss over the new Bud Shootout is much ado about nothing.

Jayson D. Henry is a guest blogger for

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2 Responses to “Why all the fuss over the Bud Shootout?”

  1. MiK Watson Says:
    September 3rd, 2008 at 1:27 am

    Son- Have you ever been in athletic competition? What’s wrong with this picture?… the people in the shoot-out will be selected stars…selected by the manufacturers! They did nothing but be puppets to earn a spot in a Highlighted event.

    What will be next? ABC contracting with Ford to get their season stars to run the races? Why not?! The future NASCAR drivers of the Shoot-out will not have any better credentials . What’s gonna keep Poison, on their 237th tour sitting, collectively, in a Chevy, because one of their songs is a used for a commercial?

    The whole idea stinks of advertising. I know NASCAR is a corporate shill, I know that the whole season is for selling product. But I could ignore it, if they didn’t do stupid things like this to rub my nose in it.

    Why would I want to watch Chevy, ford, Dodge, and Toyota drivers run around Daytona, when they haven’t got a clue why they are there. I’ll say this, When NASCAR shills, it’s all out shilling.

  2. Gunner Says:
    September 3rd, 2008 at 5:17 pm

    Why not just line them up 1 through 35, and let the go or gohomers fight for the pole? It will be the only time the whole weekend we will see some of them!