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No post race antics by Busch

By admin | September 8, 2008

By Jayson D. Henry


Dale Earnhardt, Jr. gave Kyle Busch a little tap in Richmond which sent #18 spinning into the wall.

Junior claimed after the race that the bump was an accident, and it probably was. Although, no one could really blame the “June Bug” for racing the “Shrub” a little harder than he might race some other driver, considering what happened between these two on this same track back in May.

What was disappointing to me was that there were no post race antics from Busch on the cool down lap.

Late in the Bristol race a few weeks ago Carl Edwards just barely tapped him. Busch did not spin or hit the wall. He just moved up the track enough for Edwards to scoot by. On that cool down lap he raced up to Edwards and began banging into the side of his car until Edwards turned down into him and returned the favor.

So, after a much harder hit and more damage caused, why was there no heat up on the cool down lap?

I know some reading this will say it was because doing such a thing would have caused a riot, or that he would have needed security to leave the place. That should not have been a concern. He probably needed security to get in to the place to begin with.

As I have said before when Rich has allowed me to write in this space, I have become a bit of a Kyle Busch fan because he is not afraid to ruffle a few feathers. How many drivers would have tip toed while racing around Junior back in May because they would not want to get booed by so many fans? I’m guessing quite a few.

Whether the bump from Junior was intentional or not, had Busch followed his previous pattern he would have driven up to Junior after the race to issue a warning. It sure would have made for some great attention getting drama going into the Chase for the Championship. And besides, isn’t that what a guy named Dale Earnhardt, Sr. would have done in his day?

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One Response to “No post race antics by Busch”

  1. Michelle Says:
    September 9th, 2008 at 5:14 pm

    Maybe the Twig did nothing because he was on probation already. Maybe he actually used his head and thought better of it! I don’t think Junebug did that on purpose but if he did, more power to him. Payback is a Bitch!