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Sept. 13th results from The Mountain Raceway

By admin | September 14, 2008

 Weekly Results September 13, 200

 Super Late Model Feature: 1.Anthony White 2.Randy Weaver 3.Mark Vineyard  4.Roger Best 5.David Crabtree 6.Herman Goddard 7.Bobby Giffin 8.Dan Tipton 9.Frank Merritt 10.Tim Rucker 11.Brad Coffey 12.Mike Hill 13.Chad Ogle     Points Champion-Mark Vineyard

 Sportsman Late Model Feature: 1.Jake Teague 2.Adam Beeler 3.Greg Martin 4.Robby Moses 5.James Kelso 6.Wilbur Hawkins 7.Chris Wilson 8.Sammie Russell 9.Bryan Cooper 10.Dale Watson 11.Brandon Lyons 12.Nathan Stinnett DNS    Points Champion-Jake Teague
Mini Stock Feature: 1.Jack Courtney 2.Rick King 3.William Tallent 4.David Benson 5.Alan Vanwhy 6.Paul Birchfield   Points Champion-Alan Vanwhy
Pure Mini  Feature: 1.Alex Squires 2.Angie Young 3.Scott Webb 4.Ronnie Bibbins   Point Champion-Scott Webb
 Street Stock Feature: 1.Johnathan Sims 2.Larry Rudd 3.Jr. Henry 4.James Price 5.Quinn Bender 6.Jeff Mclemore 7.Tim Kilby 8.Travie Reno 9.Greg Boring 10.Ronnie Helton 11.Billy Sands 12.Lloyd Hall 13.Johnny Carroll 14.Walter Sims DQ (would not tear down)     Points Champion-Quinn Bender
 Mod. Mini : 1.Rusty Knox 2.Jacob White 3.Mike Moore 4.Kendall White 5.Roy Smith 6.Chris Watson 7.Brian Garner 8.Jason Ritchey 9.Chris Ritchey 10.Steve Ritchey 11.Keith Teaster   Points Champion-Jacob White
 Crate Late Model Feature: 1Jensen Ford 2.Steve Jones 3.Hunter Best 4.Buddy Knox 5.Josh Henry 6.Heath Alvey

Michael Nuchols
Mountain Raceway Park and Fairgrounds

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