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Has NASCAR leveled the playing field too much?

By admin | April 20, 2009

By Steve Monday  

NASCAR has long described itself as ‘fair and balanced’ regarding its regulations, rule interpretations, and any type of rule infraction punishment that is enforced.


In most cases, NASCAR decisions have been fair and balanced regarding these issues.


However, the suits in Daytona Beach are becoming seemingly more obsessed in restricting the so called ‘gray areas’ of the sanctioning body’s rule book and the creative ways of interpreting the rules.


The recent decision to tear down and inspect a race team’s engine at the NASCAR Tech Center is just another step to further hamper a race team’s engine building creativity. 


Having an engine torn down and inspected at the Tech Center isn’t a bad idea. However, having said inspection and tear down take place in full view of any NASCAR team member that chooses to attend is.


Engine R & D takes place 24/7/365. Not only is R & D on race engines time consuming, it is very expensive as well.


Race teams spend large amounts of money and energy looking for 2- 3 additional gain in horsepower.


The engine builders that are creative and hard working will find those gains. They should not be punished by having their hard work and ’speed secrets’ revealed for all the world to see.


Contrast that to how NHRA Pro Stock engine tear downs and inspections are conducted. Only the NHRA inspectors and a race team member from that team are present. No other team has exposure to another team’s engine.


With the Car of Tomorrow spec Car, rear shocks, spring rates, and rear end gear limitations imposed by NASCAR, race teams are becoming more and more limited in ways to go fast than ever before. 


I am afraid this process will continue to erode the competitive spirit of the teams and will continue to beg the question “Has NASCAR leveled the playing field too much?” 


Steve Monday is a guest columnist for

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One Response to “Has NASCAR leveled the playing field too much?”

  1. Charles Says:
    April 21st, 2009 at 6:50 pm

    I dont mean to sound so negative and Nascar cannot ever be perfect, but the way I see it Nascar has never leveled the playing field, they just say it!

    Just take Talledaga for example just look at the last 12 years and see what brand of car leads apox 70% of the laps and the same amount of wins, it is GM!
    I know Toyota won last year, but usually it is a one sided GM Race!The laps lead really tell the story!

    Look GM has great cars and teams, but if you are going to level the playing field, Daytona and Talledaga is a good place to start, of should I say “lets pass the plate around”!