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How appropriate for NASCAR to visit President Obama

By admin | August 23, 2009

By Richard Allen

NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Jimmie Johnson and some of his associates from the world of major league stock car racing took a trip to Washington this past week. There could have been no more appropriate place for NASCAR to visit than the White House.

After all, NASCAR and the government have so much in common. Both are far too big, yet they both only seem to want to get bigger. Both are far too intrusive, yet both only seem to want to become even more intrusive. Both are slow to react or even totally unresponsive to the needs of their constituents, and seem to have little interest in changing that.

By the way, before anyone wants to take political or any other offense to the above statements, I would say the same things about both the government and NASCAR whether the president were Democrat or Republican and whether the president were black or white, male or female, etc…

One thing that made the NASCAR visit to President Obama so appropriate is that Jimmie Johnson brought one of his cars, a Chevrolet, with him. Doing so allowed the government to get a look at one of their own cars since General Motors is, or at least has been, under the dominion of the federal government.

In one area Johnson and the other drivers missed the boat. Instead of bringing a new, pristine car to the White House, they should have brought a few beat up, wrecked rattle traps. They could have gotten $4,500 for each of those.

Some might argue that no Car of Tomorrow, new or old, is worth $4,500.

Perhaps one key difference between the government and NASCAR is that the government has recently decided to host town hall type meetings so that the people can show up and voice their displeasure at these events.

NASCAR does not bother to hold town hall meetings, at least for the fans. They simply allow the people to voice their displeasure by not showing up at their events and turning off their televisions.

Another possible benefit for NASCAR to be there is Jimmie Johnson’s future status. With his good looks, squeaky-clean image, speaking ability and public relations savvy, he might just wind up as a resident at the place he visited.

Nah, a NASCAR driver as president. Somebody who participates in an activity in which some believe the outcome has already been determined could never become a successful politician. That would be as impossible as a foreign born action movie star or a former professional wrestler becoming governor of a state.

Richard Allen is a member of the National Motorsports Press Association. His weekly column appears in The Mountain Press every Wednesday.

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