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Brian France wants double standard applied in his court case against ex-wife

By admin | November 14, 2009

By Richard Allen

A judge in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina is about to decide if the civil complaint proceedings between Brian France and his ex-wife are to be made public or not. According to a published report in The Charlotte Observer, France has so far been granted an unusual amount of privacy from a court that normally allows documents to be made public.

France’s attorney’s say their client “paid a fair amount of money to make sure that didn’t happen,” in regard to making those documents public. “Publicizing the information…would cause huge adverse effects for Mr. France.”

The words ‘huge adverse effects’ are particularly interesting. And, France’s attorney argues that open knowledge of the proceedings could cause “irreparable” damage.

It seems as though the NASCAR Chairman does not want the details of his private life to be made public.

Strangely though, when Jeremy Mayfield fought back against NASCAR after the sanctioning body announced he had failed a drug test, they did not mind dragging Mayfield’s estranged step-mother into the proceedings, who in turn revealed all sorts of intimate personal details about the driver’s life. And as it turns out, NASCAR’s key witness turned out to be highly questionable after a later incident at Mayfield’s home which resulted in additional legal action.

Personally, I would not have cared about the legal proceedings involving Mr. France. Such things do not really pertain to racing or the day to day running of NASCAR. However, when his organization went so far in regard to Mayfield he opened himself up to this sort of exposure.

And more, NASCAR proved they were not adverse to ruining the lives of those they see as insignificant to their cause when they hammered owner/driver Carl Long with one of the most severe penalties in the sport’s history for what almost everyone within racing agreed was a minute, and accidental, violation during an all star race.

Interestingly, “irreparable” damage has already been done to Carl Long. And even if the pending court case between NASCAR and Mayfield were to go Mayfield’s way “huge adverse effects” have already occured.

I do not really care about the personal life of Brian France as long his job performance is not interrupted. I do not even really care if these proceedings are made public or not.

What I do care about is the running of NASCAR and my belief that Mr. France has done a poor job to date in that endeavor. And more, I care that he wants to have one set of standards applied to him while he and his organization apply an entirely different set of standards to those whose livelihoods they hold in the balance.

Richard Allen is a member of the National Motorsports Press Association. His weekly column appears in The Mountain Press every Wednesday.

Below is a link to the mentioned story from The Charlotte Observer:

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9 Responses to “Brian France wants double standard applied in his court case against ex-wife”

  1. Charles Says:
    November 16th, 2009 at 7:28 am

    Richard this is one of your finest columns ever!!!!!!!!

    You should get a emmy award for it!!!! France thinks that
    because he has plenty of money as stated that his ‘RULES FOR NASCAR” that he dictates should apply to the court system!!!!!!!

    I bet his ex-wife could tell a lot about the Nascar System!!!!!!!

  2. Barry Says:
    November 16th, 2009 at 8:44 am


    Wow. One of the best articles I have read from the media all year.

    Thanks for speaking for thousands of fans that agree with you. As you I really don’t care what Mr. France does with his personal life. I just wish we had someone that was more fair on the rules, penalties and where NASCAR is headed.

    Would love to here an interview with the ex.

  3. Matt Says:
    November 16th, 2009 at 9:10 am

    The case would ell us what we all allready know, that Brian France is addicted to cocaine and should not be the CEO of a bllion dollar company. This is obvious to anyone who has seen or read the transcript of an interview with the man. I really hope that he gets the book slammed in his face for ths one, just think about what public knowlege of his drug use would do to him after everything he has done to Jeremy Mayfield. Perhaps this could even be used to get him out of the top spot in NASCAR? Here’s to hoping.

  4. HildaBeachfront Says:
    November 16th, 2009 at 9:59 am

    THANK YOU Richard Allen !!! KUDO’S!!! kudo’s!!! kudos!!!!I very much approve of your column today. You spoke up for Jeremy Mayfield, that yes, the press has knocked down his character by claiming bogas charges, and all else that they did to ruin his name. Their relative got picked up for drug ang and drunk charges, and that got swept under the rug. Some of the comments characters who said hurtful things about Jeremy,didn’t really get their chance to ruin the france name.
    There must be some stuff that has to be hidden so the world can’t see the dirty laundry that sits there. I will say, Jeremy is inocent of bogas charges. One day the truth will come out.
    Thank You again Richard!!!!

  5. George Michaels Says:
    November 16th, 2009 at 10:10 am

    Does the big guy swing from the other side of the plate? We already know he drinks and drives. Maybe he and Jeremy did meth together? So what irreparable damage? And never let it be said that a small time judge and a big time pile of money are not a perfect match. The ex wife is looking to pull the slot handle one more time and looks like she is coming up all cherries. Don’t ya’ just love public dirt?

  6. Joe in Pittsburgh Says:
    November 16th, 2009 at 5:27 pm

    I would like to know how you “spend alot of money to keep things quiet” regarding the court system. Bribes? Does anything relating to Brian France related NOT reek these days?

  7. djones Says:
    November 16th, 2009 at 6:48 pm

    How is it one can pay the courts to keep confidential information out of the public domain? How fair is that to other defendants? I hope the judge rules against Brian France.

    I myself am dying to know what skeletons in the closet Brian doesn’t want the general public to know. I am hoping whatever it is, it causes him to have to step down as CEO of NASCAR.

    I will subscribe to any newspaper that sues to make this information public.

    I’m on Team Ex Wife.

  8. Bella Says:
    November 18th, 2009 at 6:32 pm

    Very nice. You hit the nail on the head. It is time that Brian France receive some of the same cruel harsh treatment that he has been dishing out to everyone else here lately. This judge should make everything open to the public and let the chips fall where they may for Mr. Brian France.

    Hope the ex-wife gets 75% of his net worth.

  9. Kwall65 Says:
    November 19th, 2009 at 8:04 am

    Bella Ur right
    “Hope the ex-wife gets 75% of his net worth.”
    And then helps Jeremy own NASCAR with her!!!!!